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We give a chance to web-designers and owners of the web-sites to secure an additional income.

If you think that the visitors of your web pages may need quick and quality translation from English into Russian or vice versa, you can register as an affiliate and add our link to your web site.

What is next? We will be working, while you will be earning money.

Our prices are as follows:

  • affiliate receives 10% from the cost of the order
  • customer, who has specified affiliate details, receives 2% discount on the cost of the order

We don't use cookies or other marks. The customer is interested to specify the affiliate, because in this case he/she gets an additional discount. You can see that everyone gains from such cooperation.

Moreover, if you decide to use our service, you will get 12% discount.

To become our affiliate you have to register. You will receive a link code, that you need to add to your site. Design of the site and location of the link are at your discretion. You will earn money on each order that is made via this link and also on each order, that specifies you as affiliate.

If you agree to become our affiliate, go to registration.

In addition to the described method we offer other opportunities to start earning money. More details...

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